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                                            Products name: Ceramic abrasive grain

                                            Products introduction:

                                            Ceramic Microcrystalline abrasive, CMA, is a revolutionary generation of abrasive. The abrasive grains, composed of large number of sub-micron crystals, are designed to fracture conchoidally when stressed. Compared to common corundum abrasives, CMA is able to continuously expose new cutting surfaces and make the grinding efficiency and stronger stability and durability. It has better cutting ability, higher grinding efficiency and stronger toughness and can be used for deeply cutting and large feeding. During grinding process, CMA could be sharpened by itself, and less heat releases to avoid burning work pieces. Also compared to the super-hard abrasive, such as Synthetic Diamond and CBN, CMA is ready for dry or wet grinding with water or oil cooling. Not only black or non-ferrous metals, it also could be applied effectively to grind stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys and other special materials. At the same time, the price of CMA is much lower than CBN, Synthetic Diamond and other super-hard abrasive. 

                                            CMA-1 ABRASIVE 
                                            CMA-1 is the first generation of Ceramic Microcrystalline Abrasive, jointly developed by our company and Shanghai Institute of Ceramic, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since 2008 we have built an experimental production line and started small-scale production and marketing promotion later on. Due to its high cost-effective and stability, the bonded CMA-1 abrasives has satisfied come of our well-known customers to replace the import one. 
                                            Meantime, we actively cooperate with the customers to carry out coated abrasives tests and constantly improve abrasive performance, so that to extend its application area.

                                            Hardness Vickers HV0.5 20.5 GPa 
                                            Crystal Size ~ 300 nm 
                                            Grain Density 3.90 g/cm3 
                                            AL2O3 99.0% 
                                            Fe2O3 0.05% 

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