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÷–őń | ENGLISH
Coated Abrasive
diamond & CBN grinding wheel
Ceramic Abrasive Grain
Bench Grinding Wheel
OEM cooperation......
We introduced from Germany the whole production line for coated abrasive and the whole cloth finishing line. They are the most advanced lines in t ...
°§111th canton fair 2012-03-22
°§Trade show in 2012 2012-03-05
°§OEM cooperation 2009-07-07
Suzhou Far-East Abrasives Co.,Ltd. is the leading subsidiary corporation of the public company Chuangyuan Invest & Development (Group) Co.,Ltd, which is one of the China’s top 500 enterprises for 6 years. As the leading one in China abrasive industry, we are the vice-director of China Abrasives Association and China Industrial Superhard Abrasives Association, also the member of the C ...
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