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                                                 Suzhou Far-East Abrasives Co.,Ltd. is the leading subsidiary corporation of the public company Chuangyuan Invest & Development (Group) Co.,Ltd, which is one of the China’s top 500 enterprises for 6 years. As the leading one in China abrasive industry, we are the vice-director of China Abrasives Association and China Industrial Superhard Abrasives Association, also the member of the China Abrasives Standard Association. Our former is Suzhou Grinding wheel Factory. On the basis of 60 year’s experience in technology, research, innovation, production, management and corporation culture, we manufacture high quality bonded abrasives and coated abrasives. Our complex economic indexes has been in the leading place more than 10 years in China abrasives industry.
                                                Our main products are vitrified and resin bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, diamond & CBN products, electroplated super abrasives, diamond dressing rollers, diamond saw blades and core bits, diamond lapping pastes and other special products for glass, magnetic materials etc.
                                                  In 2006, when moved to new factory, we improved the technology, equipments and enlarged the production capability. We also introduced from Peter Schwabe GmbH (Germany) the most advanced production line and technology, from Brueckner GmbH (Germany) the cloth finishing line and technology to make high quality coated abrasives. The annual production capability would be about 10 million square meters. The sintering of vitrified bonded abrasives is controlled by computer and automatically operated. In 1998, we got the quality management Certificate of ISO9001 issued by DNV(Norway). In 2006, our bench grinding wheels is MPA approved which is the first and only one in China. We have classic management and would do our best all the time to improve quality of products, develop new products, provide customers best services. Our “San Quan” logo is the famous brand in Jiangsu province, and products enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad, and have been exported to European, American, African countries and areas etc.
                                            With our eternal aim “High quality for products, Satisfied service for customers”, we heartily welcome all customers at home and abroad to have successful and long time cooperation with us!
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